4 healthy habits to replace Television addiction in Children

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If you notice that your children are knee-deep into television addiction, you don’t need to panic. You can still replace the addictive habits and set them on the right track.

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Here are some healthy habits that you should encourage in your children


It is important to motivate your children to read. Apart from their academic books, encourage them to pick up books on other aspects of life.

Reading comes with several benefits like increasing their mental prowess, making them good communicators, broadening their knowledge bank, better vocabulary, etc.

Inculcating this habit in children might be challenging because they are more likely to prefer screen time instead of reading. However, if you are strict with the rules, they will find reading a rewarding habit.


If you want to prevent health problems like obesity and others in children, you need to encourage them to get physically active. Ensure that your children get ample time to exercise each week to keep health-related issues at bay.  

There are different ways to achieve this: Cycling, swimming, taking a walk, engaging in team sports, etc. When children get used to working out, they are likely to continue as adults.

Family time

Establishing family time is one of the best ways to replace television addiction and know your kids better.

You might be surprised to hear your kids talk about some things they heard outside or on the TV. This will provide you with the chance of correcting them, and teaching some good manners.

Do house chores together

Many children run away from chores because of the associated stress. If you want them to join you, find a way to make it fun and rewarding. You can even promise them a few minutes of screen time if they effectively perform a house chore under the stipulated time.

With these habits/activities mentioned in this post, you can help your children beat television addiction. Once your kids are used to these activities and many more, television addiction becomes a thing of the past.

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