How to prevent Television addiction in Children

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When a child has an uncanny love for the television and they would gladly put away productive tasks to spend more screen time, they might be dealing with addiction. Therefore, it is important to set measures in place to help your child deal with Television addiction and prevent it in the future.  

Create a schedule for them

When children are given the free will to do anything they want, they end up misusing it. This is not their fault because they are behaving based on their age and level of understanding.

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You need to create a schedule that involves all important activities. With this schedule, they won’t be able to exceed their TV time.

Watch programs together

Parents and caregivers need to create ample time to watch TV with their kids. This gives you the first-hand experience of the programs they like to watch. You will be able to guide them on what they are watching.

Reduce TV time during school periods

You should not allow your children to prioritize TV time when they are supposed to be in school.

Similarly, when they return from school, their first task should be to eat, relax and do some academic work. Later that day, they can be allowed to watch the TV after they’ve performed the needed tasks.

Set limits for them

Your child should not be allowed to watch TV for as long as they want even if it is the holidays. It would affect their concentration level, and their productivity at home and in school might drop.

When children realize that some limits should not be exceeded, they will abide by them, and it helps them in the long run.

Television addiction is one of the underrated forms of behavioral addiction that parents are unaware of. However, you can curb this in your children by setting boundaries and limits. Endeavor to watch programs together and choose the media they should watch when they are alone.

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