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Watching the television is one of the profound ways to relax after a stressful day. However, there are some negative effects that come with watching TV particularly when it comes to the mental health.

Below are some negative effects of the television on your mental health

  1. Your symptoms become worse: When you are watching the TV with rapt attention, you might not be aware of the effects on your mental health. If there is a struggle of any symptom you feel within you, then the TV show airing at that moment has an effect on your mental health.

For instance, if you are someone who fears a lot, it would do you much good to avoid horror movies.

  • You keep replaying disturbing scenes in the movie: There are some movies or shows that contain distressing content, and it might be difficult for you to take your mind off it. Such movies have the capacity to negatively impair your mental health, so it is important to avoid such movies or shows, and focus on others that have a lighter atmosphere.
  • Triggering of old memories: Everyone has gone through unpleasant times and there are periods when we are reminded of them. Sometimes, seeing some content on TV might remind you of them. Hence, by all means possible, it is expedient to avoid such content on the TV because they give you a negative flashback.
  • Encourage isolation: If you watch TV shows and all you are encouraged to do is to isolate yourself, then there is a tendency for your mental health to be affected. Good TV shows are intended to promote social interaction and this is what you need to keep your mental health in check.
  • TV addiction: If you are addicted to the TV, then your mental health has been affected. There are high tendencies that you would not be fully productive and your performance would be on a low ebb.

It is important to exercise discipline and self-restraint if you discover that the TV is affecting important aspects of your life.

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