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Some people are of the opinion that Television is the etymology of everything that is bad, they also claimed that the Television has contributed largely to evil which exists in our society today. However, others believe that that opinion is flawed. They see the television as a means of getting enriched and enlightened with ample understanding.

There are some people who cannot do without the Television. Immediately they get home from work or school, they switch on the Television, and start watching, instead of resting or having a meal. It gets worse when these set of people spend long hours in front of the Television without doing anything productive.

This is the category of people who would make individuals think that the Television has done more harm than good. Television addiction is a compulsive disorder in which an individual finds it very difficult to stay away from the Television, thereby spending very long hours instead of doing other beneficial tasks.

With time, this excessive love for the Television begins to affect integral aspects of their lives, as they become less productive in their work because they do not get enough hours of sleep, it also affects their relationship with their friends and family because they do not have time for them.

The points listed below are common disadvantages of Television addiction:

  • Crime, violence and sex are usually shown on the Television, and they have adverse effects on people who frequently watch them, particularly children. It is more likely for children to respond and carry out what they watch than adults. Hence, it is important that parents know what their children watch on the Television.
  • Also, watching the Television excessively has an adverse effect on your health. Research has shown that there is a strong link between obesity and watching the television. As mentioned earlier, you would be unable to sleep well because you spend more time watching the Television.
  • Spending much hours watching the Television is a waste of time, as you would not be able to do anything important. Eventually, you would discover that you pile up tasks, and you would not be able to complete them at the scheduled time.
  • In addition to this, it also impairs the relationship between you and those around you.

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