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It can be said that the current technological boom has taken us far into the future. However, it can be said that it has also been a source of problem among us, particularly children. Irrespective of the fact that they have made our lives easier in a whole lot of ways, and we have to depend on them for a whole lot of things, they have also made our lives unbearable in some certain ways.

Gadgets affect the way we think, and changes our perception about life in a whole lot of ways. More can be said about children, as the effect which it has on them is very profound. Children who belong to this generation, can be said to be smarter and more active than we. Hence, you can expect that they would be more inquisitive as to how different things work. So, you can expect that what took us a year to learn, could be figured out by children of these days in just few months.

These children are on a regular basis, exposed to the media world and they come in touch with its constituents every now and then. The sudden technological change which is currently occurring has affected their thought pattern and it has influenced them greatly.

Starting off with smartphones, they have become a tool which ensures that children remain quiet and gentle without causing any form of disturbance. However, if care is not taken, it has a tendency to make them addicted, whereby they would not be able to do anything productive. Rather, they would be on the phone all day.

Furthermore, the older children are more at risk. A good number of them find it hard to perform well at school because they are addicted to their smartphones. They operate and surf the web on their phones all through the night, and catch little sleep. The next morning at school, they are docile and quite unresponsive.

Those who have personal computers among them have their own form of addiction. They see movies and play video games, and it gets to a point where they cannot do without it, and they always look forward to it.

It is advised that parents employ strict measures in ensuring that their children are not addicted to gadgets which are common in today’s use.

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