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As years pass by, people become more immersed in the world of technology. One would wonder why a child of five years is able to handle a mobile phone. When, around two decades ago, a child of five years could not dream of accessing a mobile phone.

In this age, all aspects of our lives have a high input of technology, particularly education. In most schools today, children are required to access the internet for information. Some of them use their mobile devices to create fun for themselves by playing games and the likes.

If parents are not careful, their children would become totally submerged in technology and it would be hard to get them out. This situation is akin to internet or computer addiction.

So, as parents, it is important to implement moderation in the use of these devices. If possible, you can create a schedule for your children to use their mobile devices and the internet. This is great in ensuring that they focus on other productive tasks.

Too much screen time has an adverse effect on kids and this should not be encouraged. As a matter of fact, using a mobile device and eating alongside promotes obesity and other related health factors.

For some social media platforms, there is a minimum age requirement for joining. This is to discourage toddlers who are not matured from using the internet. They might be exposed to sensitive content that is not healthy for their minds.

One easy way to know children who are exposed to sensitive content, is by the way they talk and act. There are common words and behaviors that are on the internet, and if children are exposed to them, they begin to copy.

At first, children might want to resist your disciplinary measures. But by all means possible, it is important to explain to them the reason for doing so.

Eventually, your children would grow up and be grateful to you for doing so.

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